Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Revenge for What?

Greg and I were "good" this morning and made it to the gym before breakfast-true to our NYE resolution. There was a display of gym wear in the lobby and this tee shirt was marked down twice-to less than $5. So, despite the tacky pink glitter REVENGE, I had to have it. Now I will have to figure out what revenge I am due.

Here is a shot of the Paddle Leaf succulent that was re-potted on Sunday. So far, so good...I usually do well with them and have many varieties that I have divided and redivided over the years. I should find a good reference book and learn their true names, shouldn't I?

The sleeves of the Patrick Sweater are at the length they should be, however I am two decreases short. I will wait patiently to see Knitdad on Friday and see what solution he recommends. He will probably tell me to go ahead without the final two increases and begin to decrease for the top of the sleeve. It is only two more days and there are other projects to do. Projects like homework for my classes at Stitches West. It is a week from tomorrow morning that I fly out of LAX before 7am! My classes include 3 sock classes and one yarn substitution class. The three sock classes are six hours each....and should be great fun. The yarn substitution class will be helpful for suggestions to customers at Unraveled....and for me, personally, as well.

Something wonderful arrived in the mail just now- Knitting Saddle Style by Susan Gaugliumi. It was ordered two days ago. Gotta love that Amazon.


Duchess of Quail said...

I enjoyed the phto of your great plant. Wish I could grow them here. But alas I do not have a "green thumb". However I am a great decorator, researcher,card maker. And a old friend from FSHA.


unraveledgal said...

Hey Penny, thanks for the comment. They are really hard to kill off...I am sure you would do just fine with one.