Sunday, February 17, 2008

They're Back

Last night, after dinner, Greg, Spookie and I were sitting in the breezeway cruising the internet when we heard our raccoon family skittering across the roof. We grabbed two cameras and ran outside to try snap better pictures of them. They seem very curious about us, too.

Yesterday was busy at Unraveled. Janice Rosema taught a class-it is always fun to see her projects! Several friends came by during the day...every time I thought I'd take a break to sit and visit, a new customer would come in and need help. That's good for the store and makes the day pass quickly. Jillian and I had lots to do.

This morning we attended a soup class at Williams-Sonoma. Usually a purchase is made after class-today it was a huge jar of Maille Dijon Originale mustard. Very useful item in our house!

Now it is off to pay bills, a little housecleaning and knitting. Tomorrow evening I will start to assemble items for Stitches West which is coming soon...


A said...

Excellent pictures & adorable Spooky & racoon photos!

Duchess of Quail said...

I loved the picture of Spooky& Racoon. Last summer we had a family of Racoons runing around causing lots of problems. I could not leave my french doors open as the would fight with my cats.
The came into my friend house through her bathroom window. But did no damage.
We are having a winter/spring storm so its a bit chilly and we are expecting snow tonight. So I am working on my counted cross stitch pattern and will be watching HGTV.

Your friend from FSHA