Sunday, February 10, 2008

What a Fantastic Day...

This morning was another in the series of technique classes offered by Williams-Sonoma..the subject was stocks. The chef demonstrated brown and white chicken stocks and a vegetable stock. She also discussed beef stock and fish stock. I am not much of a cook and I picked up several good tips. While there, we purchased some brightly colored bowls that couldn't be resisted. Next Sunday we are booked for the Soup Class. That should be fun-especially if we have some more cold weather!

After cooking class, we headed over to Armstrong Nursery to see what herbs looked good. Greg picked out cilantro, lemon thyme, lime thyme and I added a flat parsely. I also picked up a fun gift for a be revealed later. They have some wonderful plants!I also picked up a new succulent to add to my collection...I believe it was called a Paddle Leaf. After arriving home, I spent several hours re-potting old plants and organizing my potting bench.

Then it was on to knitting. The Patrick Sweater is closer to completion..hopefully I will be finished with the sleeve increases tomorrow. My plan is to go to S.i.T. and hunker down until it is done. Cross fingers. Here is my update picture as of 8pm tonight.
Happy Birthday Knitdad!

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Larry said...

Thanks, Susan. I had a fantastic birthday.

I love the photo of the Patrick all draped over the chair. It cracks me up. I keep thinking the chair is morphing into a bear.

Looking forward to seeing you today and being in on the finishing of the sleeves. You still have time to finish it by the 18th.